Online Engagement & Data Analytics

Informing Decisions Through Citizen Engagement and Data

Engaging citizens into policy decisions is difficult. Having informed conversations is challenging. Making sense of input and feedback and integrating it with existing information and data is even more difficult. It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, and it’s tough. The world of demographic and socioeconomic data is chaotic. It includes hundreds of sources, dozens of different reporting geographies, and hours of compilation. Fortunately, we can help organizations get that time back.

Dynamic Report

Project pages and dashboards let you bring people together around a powerful narrative. We provide rich visualizations and findings to share, and make sure the data stays fresh.


Charts & Graphs

A simple pie graph can convey more than a paragraph of text ever could—and our tool generates these types of graphics for you. Embed, download, and share the maps, charts and graphs we’ve created for you.


Interactive Maps

We make it easy to map every indicator and share the results with stakeholders, so they can explore the areas where they’re most invested.



Visualize issues that matter in your community: jobs, safety, neighbourhoods, transportation, and more.

Make Confident Decisions

Simply choose an indicator from the library, apply a location, and see that data applied to your project. Being able to communicate the data can be the most important part of your work. By using Civicly, you can tell a data-driven story through shareable links or simply by downloading a raw data report.

Track Indicators

& Inform Conversations

Getting input from citizens and making sense of the feedback is difficult. We’ve realized, however, that engaging with residents is only one piece of the puzzle. In order for leaders to make more informed decisions, they need to be able to combine citizen feedback with quantitative information (AKA data/indicators).

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Get Access to Civicly's Pre-Loaded Data Library

With a robust (and growing!) set of indicators in the Civicly Library, you have full access to data that would normally take hours to compile.

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Upload Data

Add points, lines, and polygons. Upload the your own data and apply it to neighbourhoods, regions, parks, plan areas, you name it.

What our clients are saying

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Kourosh Rad, MCIP
Urban Planner

"I worked extensively with Simon and the team at 3Pikas to design and develop an interactive online engagement platform for citizen engagement called WSP Engage. Using their wealth of experience designing and developing interactive stakeholder engagement platform with web mapping and visualization..."
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Lesley Cabott, MCIP
Urban Planner

"Simon brings the perspective of the planner to stakeholder online engagement and data analytics. People love maps and Simon has developed an online engagement tool that allows community members and decision-makers to engage with the planning process using online tools and commenting directly on maps and specific interventions."
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Dennis Zimmermann

"It has been a pleasure working with 3Pikas. Issues related to salmon are difficult to articulate and have many tentacles. Fortunately, 3Pikas was able to design a platform using various visualizations tools and create a product for us with great utility."

Some of our Favourite Projects

Yukon Government Online Engagement Platform

Using Civicly, the Government of Yukon is able to deliver a unique online engagement experience. Civicly fosters a positive environment in which citizens can provide input on projects and issues and finds answers through data.


In 2016, the City of Whitehorse embarked on the country’s largest municipal park planning exercise. Chadburn Lake Park is a public asset that provides access to world-class wilderness at the doorstep of most Whitehorse residents. The City of Whitehorse used Civicly to collect information from citizens during the Chadburn Lake planning process.

WSP Engage

A leader in transforming the built environment and restoring the natural environment, WSP's expertise ranges from engineering to designing sustainable buildings and transport networks. Using Civicly, WSP is able to deliver a unique experience. With online engagement and geolocation integration, WSP is able to use conversation, surveys, voting, and map publishing to foster a positive environment in which citizens can provide input on projects and issues and finds answers.