Create Conversations & Find Answers

Starting a conversation and finding answers to a problem is easy. Bring people together to exchange ideas for a street, a neighbourhood, a city or a project. Civicly gives you everything you need to host a conversation, uncover ideas, and shape the places you care about.

Make Informed Decisions

Civicly makes data easy to digest and share with individuals and partners. Visualize data using our beautiful dashboard or upload your own data and overlay on top of our custom interactive maps. You can even upload your own information.

Visualize Data

Create an information-rich environment where citizens can decide what they want to do, how they will remain connected, and how they will contribute. If you are looking for “out of the box” thinking for a project of about how a plan should unfold - this is the right tool for you.

Some of our Favourite Projects

Choose between our awesome crowdsourcing map and our online engagement platform or simply integrate geo-tagged crowdsourcing with your online engagement platform - Civicly is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. Get instant notifications on what's happening in an area based on your preferences, broadcast your opinion, share ideas - let your citizens become city planners.

WSP Engage

WSP believes in building a working relationship with stakeholders through comprehensive and meaningful consultation and communication strategies. They use a variety of tools and methods in delivering our goal of creating better projects and, ultimately, better communities. WSP Engage is an online platform that increases our communication with the community.

Yukon Government

Road Talk Yukon is Highways & Public Works' online engagement platform for the Dempster and Campbell Highways. Civicly's mapping tool enables engineers, planners and maintenance crew to report conditions and share map-based information with HPW's headquarter in Whitehorse. It also allows allows travellers to report issues of particular importance to engineers and planners, share a point on a map, send a picture and describe a problem. HPW can generate questions to provoke discussion around a series of topics. Share the love


The City of Whitehorse used Civicly to help organizations, stakeholders, and citizens conveniently share and identify and co-determine which areas should be flagged as important and exchange landscape level information during the Chadburn Lake planning process. Civicly can also be used as a forum to validate and receive input on various topics.

Engage Whitehorse

Engage Whitehorse online is a dedicated custom online engagement platform. The platform is designed to share information about the City of Whitehorse’s projects. Users can browse the interactive map and find projects near them. The platform provides the ability to create polls, survey questions, and crowdsource information. The site is fully mobile and responsive. It is managed entirely by the City of Whitehorse.